From the Nimbus Hosting platform dashboard, click on the cog icon next to your website to manage the hosting for that website. 

Click on HTTP/SSL or Manage HTTPS.

Within the Custom SSL Certificate section, click the Add Certificate button.

Paste your SSL's certificate and Private Key into the relevant fields.

Make sure to paste the CA-Cert/ Chain cert into the Certificate box after the Certificate as well.

Lastly click the Add Certificate section and the platform will apply the SSL to the site for you.

You can check to make sure your SSL is installed correctly by using our SSL checker.

There is also more thorough SSL test provided by Qualys here which takes a few minutes to process, but gives you in-depth analysis of the SSL certificate. 

If you are getting warnings from the Qualys test, saying that there are chain issues related to an anchor, this means you have installed the SSL certificate by including the root certificate. Including the root certificate in your SSL chain is generally not something that is required, as most devices already have a copy of the root certificate. You can fix this by removing the certificate from your site and following the installation steps and ensuring to only copy in the site's main certificate and the Certificate Authority part (sometimes called the intermediate).